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  Russian DTP and Typesetting Services
Russian Typesetting Services

Russian Desktop Publishing and Typesetting Services

Russian-Translation.ru offers professional Desktop Publishing and Typesetting services to clients all over the world. Whether it is a brochure, a manual, a presentation or even a book, we are ready to typeset it in Russian so it "reads and feels" like your original.
We specialize in providing Typesetting Services over a wide number of fields that include economics, telecommunication, engineering, technology, education, etc. (see the full list below).

Russian Translation and Typesetting Services

If your documents have not been translated yet, it is best that you order both Translation and Typesetting Services at the same time. In this case our translators will make the translation in the graphical program so the files will require minimum DTP work and the final productís appearance will be as similar to the original document as possible.

Russian Desktop Publishing and Typesetting Services

High Quality Russian Desktop Publishing and Typesetting Services!

Russian Typesetting and Editing

Typesetting usually requires both editing and text resizing. Your files will be edited wherever it is necessary to keep the original text style and layout of the documents. Our desktop publishers work hand-in-hand with the Russian editors and proofreaders to ensure that the final product reflects the most accurate and up-to-date version of the text.

Our team of desktop publishers provides DTP and Typesetting Services in the following languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English.

Russian DTP / Typesetting Rates

The rate for DTP / Typesetting Services starts from $5.00 per page. If you need to typeset the files into both Russian and Ukrainian languages, a 15% discount will apply. To get a quick quote for your typesetting project, please e-mail us.

Desktop and Typesetting Quality

Russian-Translation.ru is committed to provide its clients with the highest quality Russian Desktop and Typesetting services by assigning a project manager and a team of desktop publishers and editors to each client's project. The team system allows for errors to be picked up and to provide high quality Desktop and Typesetting services. 

Turnaround Time of Russian Desktop Publishing

This depends on the size and complexity of your project. We will estimate the turnaround time based on your files and project requirements.

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  Economics & Finance
  Legal & Government
  Marketing & Advertising
  Computer Technology
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  Engineering & Technology
  Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  Medical & Pharma
  Touring & Travel
Russian DTP Services   Sport & Education
Russian Typesetting Services   Literature & Culture

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  Bank Wire
Service Details & Software
Russian translation services  US$5.00 - 6.00 per page
Documents typesetting  Adobe Illustrator, InDesign
Documents typesetting  Framemaker, PageMaker
Documents typesetting  PowerPoint, Photoshop
  Corel Draw
Russian Desktop Publishing and Typesetting Services  Autocad
Russian Desktop Publishing and Typesetting Services  Macromedia Dreamweaver

Certified translation services  Russian-English

Typesetting Types
  Newsletters & Presentations
  Articles & Reports
  Books and Journals
  Brochures & Catalogs
  Manuals & Specifications
Russian Typesetting  Software Documentation

Professional DTP and Typesetting services
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